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As a Film Maker


Ahmadabad Management Association :
  • Film Production and Management Certification

Course content:

  1. Basic understanding of the visual grammar

  2. Types of production – Studio, Field

  3. Cast & Crew

  4. Pre-Production- Scripting, Treatment, Planning, Budget

  5. Production – Camera, Lighting, Sound, Direction

  6. Post-Production – Editing, Animation, Music

  7. Media Management & Media Business

Vadan Vala


DejaVu - a LOVE story
A Film by VV and AMA
DejaVu a Love Story
#FeelDejaVu #aLoveStory #AMA


Genre: Drama, Love, and Suspense

DejaVu is a Love story short film, directed by Vadan Vala in association with AMA under the guidance of Malti Mehta and Dhara Shah.

Story, Concept, Screenplay, Editing, Special Effects, and Direction:  Vadan Vala

Cast: Dr. Naveen Malhotra, Kirtida Oza, Ankita Chaudhary and Saurabh Kumavat

Camera: Mr. Utkarsh Modi

Special Thanks: Malti Mehta, Dhara Shah, Bon Homie and FPM Batch 14 

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