• Sudhansu Sands

Vadan Vala is one of the innovative key accounts managers I worked in Sands and he maintains details of every vendor receivable.

  • Sudhansu Sands

Vadan Vala is a Hardworking and focused guy. He will be an asset to any company.

Premnath Kabiraj, AVP

Sudhansu Mohanty, CFO


Vadan is a talented young lad. He is creative and works at his own pace. His expertise encompasses Social Media Marketing and Google Ads. Give him the right environment and he shall flourish. Keep up the good job!

  • Sujish

Vadan Vala is an extremely talented young Professional. In a holistic way, I can say he is having high Potential to reign the future corporate world!

Aditya Pandey, Consultant

Sujish, Logistics Expert

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